Friday, April 2, 2021


 I'm the luckiest person in the world. I get to meet incredible people who inspire me to be a better person. 

Believe it or not ---I'm talking about my students. I've been a teacher for a LONG time and have had the privilege of working with SO MANY GREAT KIDS who have grown up to become INCREDIBLE ADULTS. I don't usually Name--Names--but today is different. Way back in the OLDEN days--when I taught fifth grade--I had this little girl WHO LOVED TO READ AS MUCH AS I DID. She always had her nose in a book and carried them around like they were her best friends. She was different though--because she was legally blind. Even in fifth grade--she never let her disability STAND IN HER WAY. She worked hard and succeeded in every area--academics--theatre--dance. Her CAN-DO attitude made me smile. AND talk about KIND and POSITIVE--never met anyone so genuine in my life. This remarkable young girl is now a grown up who continues to BLOW MY MIND.  She always wanted to write a book and that  dream has come true too. The book is  called Yes and it's written by the ONE and ONLY Frankie Ann Marcille. This lovely book is based on Frankie's life and how she dealt with adversity because of her disability. As a young girl, she had big dreams but was told by many people that because of her disability, she shouldn't dream too big. Well--if you know Frankie, she faced her challenges head on and left the naysayers behind. This review would be incomplete if I didn't mention the illustrations --which were done by my son, Pat. Frankie's story is wonderful, but it's the combination of the story and illustrations that make it a must have book. It's worthing noting that Frankie and Pat have known each other forever. They actually attended the same schools from preschool through high school, so they have a special bond. Having an illustrator who truly knows the writer of the story is rare. And that's what make the book so special. He really knows the little girl in the story. WOW.  This book is not just for kids either.  It's a story that will  resinate with anyone who DREAMS BIG. Every generation needs to remember not to let anyone or anything stand in the way of making dreams come true. --The book launch is Saturday May 1, 2021, at McCook Point Park in Niantic, CT from 10-12. Covid precautions will be taken--masks for all.  There will be a read-aloud, Q & A with the author, illustrator and book signing. Hope to see you there.

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  1. I can’t wait to read the book and I’m looking forward to the book launch